About Us

Shepherds Church is a non-denominational Christian evangelical ministry established in 2004 and dedicated to the task of campus evangelism. It is located in Gardena, CA, and affiliated with University Bible Fellowship as El Camino UBF. The purpose of this organization is to teach students the word of God in an individual or group setting, along with providing practical resources for serving God and a supportive, Bible-centered environment.

About Our Name

Shepherds Church - Jesus gave Peter an urgent mission before leaving the earth, saying, “Take care of my sheep.These words indicate that as disciples of Jesus, we should function as shepherds for His flock. This is what we strive to do on our campuses based on the example of Jesus, the greatest shepherd of all.

About Our Bible Studies

With students who express interest, we mainly schedule one to one Bible studies, which allows for more flexibility and interaction with each person. We also have weekly group Bible studies on select campuses, along with testimony meetings for growing disciples.