Reserve Study Rooms

There are several bible study rooms available for Shepherds to use at the church building.
To reserve a room for your bible study please use the blue button below.


Quick FAQ...

Q: What am I looking at?
This is a calendar to schedule bible studies in the meeting rooms at Ebenezer and the Sheep Pen. 
You start off on the "ALL" page, which shows every reservation.  If you are only interested in one location, you can click the button for that space and see only what is free in that room.
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Q: How do I make a reservation for bible study?
When you want to reserve a bible study space, click on the calendar day and time you want to reserve. 
A dialogue box will appear. Please fill in the description and your name. 
Make sure you select the study room you want to use so it is reserved for you.
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Q: What happens if someone already reserved that room?
If the time and place you wanted are already reserved, you will receive an error message. 
You can choose a different room at the same time, or a different time in the same location.  
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