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Conference FAQ

Q: Who can I invite?
A: Anyone! Everyone! Your bible students, your friends, your family members, sheep you just studied with for the first time, anyone. This is a great chance for all people to spend real time with God & let Him do something amazing.

Q: I need more invitations. Where can I get some?
 You can ask your campus rep in charge of registration or print your own here.

Q: If I am a Shepherd/ess, do I fill out a registration for myself?
No. You can register simply by paying the registration fee. Students and other guests should complete an invitation card with their payment.

Q: Who do I give the registration to?
A: You can give a paid registration to your campus representative who will give those registrations to the registrar (Kathryn Pringle). Please note: People are considered registered once they have paid for the conference.

Q: How much is the conference fee?
A: The conference fee for three days and 6 meals is $90. 

Q: If I pay by check, who do I make it out to?
A: Make checks payable to: Kathryn Pringle

Q: How are we getting there?
We will meet at Shepherds Church on the day of the conference and carpool to the conference site.

Q: What time does it start?
 Please arrive at [TBD] at Shepherds Church so we can have some breakfast before we depart together.
We will depart at 
[TBD] from church. Travel time is about 2 hours. 

Q: What do I need to bring?
Your Bible, Yourself, Your heart's desire to spend time with God,

Toothbrush, soap, toiletries & towel
Sleeping Bag, extra blanket & Pillow
Other good things to bring are:
Comfortable clothes, extra socks or a good jacket. The forecast is for 70-75 degrees daytime and nighttime as low as 35-40 degrees on conference weekend.
Your Sunday offering or tithe. 
You do not need to bring a laptop, paper/pen or electronics to the conference. 
We'll have a technology-free weekend so we can focus and hear from God unhindered.
So if you do bring your phone or other electronics, please give them to your driver or bible teacher for safekeeping when we arrive at the conference site. 

Q: I'm all set. What do I do now?
 Pray! Please pray for the conference, that everyone who comes will experience God's love very personally and that God's presence may be with us. 
Come join us for nightly prayer in the sanctuary.
Make sure to get time off from work if you need to so you can enjoy the conference freely.

May God bless our upcoming conference & do a great work of salvation for his glory!

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